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KrossPro Sales League 20/20 (KSL 20/20) is a Cross Promotion-cum-Joint Marketing System where Marketing Teams of 20 Member Outlets/Brands compete with each other for KSL 20/20 Championship.

It is fun yet very effective way to promote your brand for greater reach and results.

Each Group will have Joint Online Web pages where all the Group Members’ Offers/Brands/Products will be listed and promoted thru Social Media/Ads. The Group Members can also take initiatives to share their Group Web Page Link/s to their circles.


A Group will be declared a Winner based on the number of visitors to the Group webpage in the particular period (1 month). The end-customers also will win Prizes thru Lucky Draws.

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KSL 20/20

The Right Way to Reach

Low-cost Marketing Strategy

Unimaginable Brand Reach

Collective Team Efforts

  • Marketing Cost distributed among Members

  • Unified Marketing Efforts

  • Hyper Targeting

  • Multi-pronged Reach thru Directories, Coupon Site, Ecommerce Website, Display Ads, Social Media Promotion

  • Leads thru Business Networking

  • Cross Promotion by Group Members

  • Valuable Business Contacts

  • Joint Planning & Marketing Initiatives like a Sports Team

  • Group Identity brings Brand Mileage

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We, EMART EVENTURES, are Coimbatore based Online Marketing firm offering varied solutions such as Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Lead Generation Services, Virtual Gifts, Marketing Outsourcing Services, etc. Our Online Properties are www.infogyde.com, www.indiagyde.com, www.worldgyde.com, www.produx.in and www.couponbowl.in.

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