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Hurricane Hunters is KSL 20/20 Saibaba Colony group. In Hurricane Hunters KSL 20/20 group, brands in and around Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore are participating and we offer individual and combo offers. Multiple products and services are available here.

About KSL 20/20

KSL 20/20 is a Cross Promotion and Joint Marketing System wherein Marketing Groups of 20+ Members involve in a series of promotional campaigns. Within each group, there will be Members preferably from unique business categories and they wil be engaged in Joint & Cross Promotion. Between the Groups, there will be Sales Competitions and the winning Group is recognized and rewarded.


Cake Shop

To Order, call: 73977 51233

Free Home Delivery*


What We Offer

There are 20+ shopping outlets from 20+ different categories in Hurricane Hunters Group. From daily needs products, lifestyle goods & services, food & dining, luxury goods, fitness, beauty & body care services, cakes & ice creams, to mobiles and mobile care, there are varied products and services listed with KSL 20/20 Hurricane Hunters group.

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Physical & Online Stores

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20+ Local Stores

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Exciting Deals & Offers

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Being your neighbourhood stores, we look forward to service you better and improve the quality of life in our local community. Support our initiative and encourage our Group to win the KSL 20/20 Championship.


Group Members' Brands

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Maison Grey

Women’s Designer Boutique

No. 9, First Floor, 7th Cross Road, Bharathi Park, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact No.: 82200 00956

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=MAISON+GREY&post_type=shop_coupon


Nithara Coffee


Address: 33-1, 4th Street, K.K. Pudur (Saibaba Colony), Coimbatore - 641038.

Contact Nos.: 99525 56789

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=nithara+coffee&post_type=shop_coupon


Indriya Salon & Spa

Salon & Spa (Unisex)


191, 2nd Floor, Raja Annamalai Road, Near Bank of India (BOI), Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact Nos.: 73394 33033, 0422-3590558

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Indriya+Salon+%26+Spa&post_type=shop_coupon


Red Bowl

Sweets & Snacks

No. 10, Church Road,

K.K.Pudur (Saibaba Colony),

Coimbatore - 641038.

Contact No.: 96290 03322

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Red+Bowl&post_type=shop_coupon


Cake House

Online Cake Shop

To order Cakes,  Call: 73977 51233, 73977 61233

(Free Home Delivery)

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Cake+House&post_type=shop_coupon


Kari Soru

Kulambu Kadai / Curries

56, Bharathi Park Road, Near ICICI Bank,

Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact Nos.: 87784 27803

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Kari+Soru&post_type=shop_coupon



Fitness Club

Above Karur Vysya Bank, N.S.R Road,

Venkittapuram (Saibaba Colony),

Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact Nos.: 95144 05144, 0422-4953010

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Evolutions+&post_type=shop_coupon


The Fishop

Fresh Sea Food Meat & Evening Restaurant

No. 7A, Alagesan Road, Near Kovai Pazahamudhir Nilayam,

Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact Nos.: 9025323752

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=The+Fishop&post_type=shop_coupon


O.H.M Green Shop

Organic Shop

30, Alagesan Road,

Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact No.: 97512 55111

 Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=OHM+Green+Shop&post_type=shop_coupon



Mara Chekku / Cold Pressed Oil
No. 7A, Alagesan Road,
Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.
Contact Nos.: 0422- 2982634, 94880 52634, 94884 92634
Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Manvasanai&post_type=shop_coupon


 Grandeur Collections

Family Readymade Showroom / Kids, Women's & Men's Multi-brand Clothing

Aruna Complex, Next to IBACO Ice Creams, N.S.R Road, Venkittapuram (Saibaba Colony), Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact No.: 80123 60006

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Grandeur+Collections&post_type=shop_coupon


The Phone Care

Mobile Repair/Service Centre

Mettupalayam Road, Near Saibaba Kovil

Contact No.: 85082 98650, 70104 44933

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=The+Phone+Care+&post_type=shop_coupon


The Vintage Cafe


Near Corporation Bank, N.S.R Road,

Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact Nos.: 97155 54443

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=The+Vintage+Cafe+&post_type=shop_coupon



Ice Creams & More

1, SRP Nagar, N.S.R Road, (Near Sri Krishna Sweets), Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact No.: 0422-4206611

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Boomerang&post_type=shop_coupon


Bullet Miami


Shop No. 84, Basement, Hotel Vijay Paradise Complex, 12/153, N.S.R Road, Saibaba Colony Bus Stop, 

Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact No.: 98434 90826

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Bullet+Miami&post_type=shop_coupon


Street Arabia

Cafe: Shawarma & More

7th Cross, Bharathi Park Road,

Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact Nos.: 96008 00670

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Street+Arabia+&post_type=shop_coupon


Guru's Adupadi

Vegetarian Take-away Kitchen

No. 6, Ramalinga Nagar 2nd Cross,

K.K.Pudur (Saibaba Colony),

Coimbatore - 641038.

Contact No.: 63831 88156

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Adupadi&post_type=shop_coupon


The Chennai Mobiles

Mobiles & Accessories

No. 190, Turya, N.S.R Road,

Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact No.: 74485 95000

Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=The+Chennai+Mobiles&post_type=shop_coupon


ARC Sasi's Chat

Chats & More

157, N.S.R Road,

Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore - 641011.

Contact No.: 98942 44911


Mulaka Thanni

Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian Restaurant

No. 38, Ramalinga Nagar, Church Road,

K.K.Pudur (Saibaba Colony),

Coimbatore - 641038.

Contact No.: 96773 30002

 Get Coupon Code here: https://couponbowl.in/?s=Mulaka+Thanni+&post_type=shop_coupon



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